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Hunt begins for Mac reconstruction architect Mackintosh library destroyed but damage ‘considerably less than we dreaded’ 27 …

“Siccome non c’è da fidarsi molto della correttezza filologica degli architetti “restauratori” britannici, e siccome Mackintosh era architetti cosmopolita con una visione europea, inviterei vivamente tutti i bravi restauratori italiani a rispondere all’invito a formare un gruppo di progettazione per il restauro, e ad esprimere interesse allorquando I dettagli della procedura verranno resi noti a settembre.”

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In May 2014 fire badly damaged a number of historically significant spaces in the West (1907-1909) wing of The Glasgow School of Art’s world-renowned Mackintosh Building and significantly affected the surrounding fabric of the building.Architecturally this Category A listed building – designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and completed over two phases in 1899 and 1909 – is of international significance and is the only one of Mackintosh’s public buildings continuing to fulfill its original function. Academically it sits at the heart of the School’s student experience and has served as a working inspiration for generations of students, staff and visitors. Physically located at the centre of the GSA’s inner-city campus in the centre of Glasgow, the Mackintosh Building is a major cultural asset not only to the School, but to the city of Glasgow and to the nation.The GSA is wholly committed to reconstructing and restoring the Mackintosh Building to its full use as a working School of Art and its architectural glory. In delivering this goal it has the backing of government agencies at national and local levels and the support of benefactors from around the world.To help realise this high-profile project successfully, the GSA will shortly be seeking to appoint a suitably skilled and experienced Architect-led, multi-disciplinary Design Team, the selection process for which is to be announced in September 2014, leading to formal appointment early in 2015. This timescale is indicative only.
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